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Let us Design your Memory

Spirit Tours is your gateway to the lands of the Bible: the cultural roots, the religious heritage, the historical pathways. Visiting the lands of the Bible is not like touring anywhere else. It is a kind of homecoming, because we all grew up hearing about these places, and the events became part of our lives. For many years Spirit Tours has been helping groups of tourists, pilgrims and students accomplish this journey.Spirit Tours is a family business. located in Israel, USA & Turkey. With headquarters in the Holy Land, we also have branches in USA , and Turkey, as well as representative offices in Europe , Egypt and Jordan. 

We attribute the growth of the company to the care we take in selecting guides, the personal attention & familiar trade we give each group, and our very competitive pricing.

Spirit Tours is committed to providing EXCELLENCE ALL THE WAY THROUGH without any compromise that makes us a number one choice for a VIP Travel Services in Israel and other destination. Our VIP arrangements comply with your every requirement – private assistant on arrival and departure at the airport, luxury transportation, experienced drivers, best of the best tour guides speaking your language, and much more. We provide VIP services for many governmental delegations arriving to Israel.




The Bus and drivers

Transportation Services in Israel

In the Holy Land, we have our own bus companies, featuring modern air-conditioned ,WIFI  Spirit Tours coaches. The drivers are chosen for their skill, patience, and professionalism.

What makes Spirit Tours so unique?
What is the Spirit Tours motto?

What is our position on the market? 
Tailor Made Guides and Tour Educators

What makes Spirit tours so unique?
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What makes Spirit Tours so unique?
Spirit Tours always follows the 10 COMMANDMENTS SERVICE POLICY:

1.    At Spirit Tours, we first and foremost consider you to be our honored guests and ourselves to be your official host while you are in Israel. 
2.   Spirit Tours prides itself in its ability to organize all your Israel travel needs or any other destination.
3.   Spirit Tours welcome at the airport – our representative meets your group as you pass through passport control . Pre-boarding refreshments await you next to the busses. 
4.   Spirit Tours welcome banners are provided on busses with the name of a group. 
5.   Spirit Tours special check-in procedures are provided at your hotels including welcome drinks.
6.   Spirit Tours special kit – each person receives a hat and map. 
7.   Spirit Tours presents a small gift for each person at the end of the tour.
8.   Spirit Made Tours tour leader receives a SIM card in order to be in touch during the tour. 
9.   Spirit Tours caters for all your group’s needs 24 hours a day while you are in Israel and other destination.
10.   Spirit Tours representatives personally meet each and every tour group performing a unique Jerusalem Pilgrim (JP) ceremony. Each pilgrim receives a JP certificate and Golden cross badge.

Spirit Tours is always ready to go an extra mile to ensure that our guests get everything they need to enjoy their trip to Israel: 

•   Spirit Tours is able to provide last minute booking even 24 hours prior to the day of arrival. 
•   Spirit Tours ensures full Visa Flexibility. 
•   Spirit Tours is the only travel company in Israel that follows the Red Carpet Protocol for the VIP clients. 
•   Spirit Tours is the only travel company in Israel that operates its own  fleet of transportation :
8 brand new, Wi-Fi equipped Mercedes motor couches. 
•   Spirit Tours builds cultural bridges between Israel and the rest of the world.

What is the Spirit Tours motto?
Spirit Tours is committed to providing EXCELLENCE ALL THE WAY THROUGH without any compromise.

What is our position on the market? 
Spirit Tours Israel is one of TOP
incoming tour operators in Israel specializing in Mega Events, Conferences and Pilgrimages from all nations and religious denominations.

Spirit Tours prides itself in its ability to organize all your Israel travel needs
1.    Pilgrimage Tours to the Holy Land 
2.    Agriculture Tours
3.    Business Management Courses in collaboration with the Hebrew University
4.    MEGA events
5.    Conferences
6.    Family Tours
7.    Leisure Tours
8.    Youth Tours
9.    Tours of special interest: Wine, Food, Shopping… and much more! 
10.   Spirit Tours can arrange professional meetings with government officials, public speakers and keynote lecturers.
11.    Tailor Made Tours creates unparalleled, educational travel programs to satisfy sophisticated, curious travelers.

We say YES to all of your needs and wishes!
Spirit Tours Guides and Tour Educators
Our experienced tour leaders have outstanding knowledge and familiarity with various destinations in Israel. They have great interpersonal skills and they genuinely enjoy guiding and take pride in their work.